On April 30, 2014, a series of deadly tornados struck the area around Little Rock, Arkansas. Directly in the path of a large twister was the small town of Vilonia and a long-term care facility for disabled veterans. Vilonia is a small, quiet town, and was chosen by the VA as a location for vets with PTSD and physical disabilities. But havoc was on the way.

Christian Gunter, 19, managed the facility, and realized he had to act quickly. After making sure his six younger siblings were safe, Gunter loaded the vets into a van and drove to a church shelter.  The tornado ripped part of the roof off the Vets’ home, but the church where they were sheltering was undamaged, and they stayed safe.  “It’s always our priority to take the best care of them that we can possibly do. Our guys have risked a lot and it’s a great opportunity for us to help them out,” Gunter said. “It’s like having 10 extra grandparents around,” he added.

Gunter’s home was completely destroyed in the tornado. Neither he nor any of his family were harmed.

photo credit: Eric Corpus, The Christian Post