Six year old Mya Osborne noticed something out of place in the family swimming pool: her 3 year old cousin, Kane,  was lying motionless at the bottom! None of the other kids or adults nearby saw what was happening, so Mya acted quickly. She jumped into the pool and swam to the bottom. She ran out of breath, so resurfaced, grabbed a huge breath of air, and went back for a second try.

She succeeded in bringing her cousin to the surface, then yelled for her older brother to come help. By this time, all the adults at the party saw what had happened.  One of them used CPR to revive Kane, and he survived.

The local Red Cross presented Mya with the “Courage in Action” award for her quick thinking and bravery.  Mya, a big fan of superheroes, said she felt like a “Swimmer Hero.”

“I was listening to my heart, and it said to go down there and get him and then tell somebody,” she said.


Photo courtesy Kennewick School District