A four-man long-range reconnaissance team saw through its night-vision scope that it was completely surrounded by hostile forces on a mission northeast of Saigon. Army attack helicopter pilot Larry Taylor responded to their call for support.
Taylor and his wingman arrived in AH-1G Cobra helicopter gunships to provide support.

Despite intense ground fire, Taylor and his wingman strafed the enemy with mini-guns and aerial rockets for 45 minutes. When they ran low on ammunition and the enemy was closing in, Taylor realized that the planned evacuation route was too dangerous for the four Soldiers. Instead, he came up with a daring plan to extract them using his two-man Cobra helicopter, an unprecedented and risky maneuver.
Taylor directed his wingman to cover one flank of the patrol team while he covered the other, using his Cobra’s landing lights to draw enemy fire. The patrol team headed to an extraction point, and Taylor landed his Cobra under heavy enemy fire, allowing the Soldiers to board by sitting on rocket-pods and skids. He then carried them to safety before landing them on the ground.

Lt. Larry L. Taylor’s extraordinary gallantry, selflessness, and disregard for his own safety in rescuing his fellow Soldiers, in a situation never before attempted, reflect the highest traditions of military service and bring great credit to himself, his unit, and the United States Army.

Taylor was awarded a Silver Star for his actions that night. That award will be upgraded to the Medal of Honor on September 5.