I am grateful to those readers who take the time to share stories of relatives and loved ones who have served. So many of their stories are hard to find on the Web. They are unsung heroes whose stories need to be shared.
I received this interesting story from reader, Christine Walker, who wrote about her Great-Aunt Captain Jonita Bonham-Bovee.
On September 26, 1950, Jonita Bonham and her friend, Vera Brown boarded a plane from Japan to Korea.  Jonita and Vera were both small-town girls.
But these young women weren’t naïve tourists going on vacation, in fact, this was just one of many flights they often took as Air Force flight nurses, assigned to the 801st Medical Air Evacuation Squadron out of Tachikawa Air Base, Japan, during the Korean War.

First Lieutenant Jonita Bonham, 28, and Captain Vera Brown, 29, were well-seasoned officers, both having served during WWII and then choosing to serve again in Korea. Together they flew 265 combat hours and evacuated approximately 600 American soldiers out of the front lines.

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