The passing of an 80-year-old Alberta man on Vancouver Island has left his family grieving the loss of a beloved patriarch who lived by the creed of selflessness. Ronald Hare of Calgary fondly remembers his father, Patrick Hare, as a man who epitomized kindness, always ready to lend a hand or hold a door open for others.

“Despite his physical limitations, he never hesitated to help,” Ronald reminisced. “Whether it was holding a door or stopping to assist someone in need, it was just part of who he was.”

Tragically, Patrick’s life was cut short after a fateful encounter on a highway near Qualicum Beach. He had pulled over in the early hours of March 2 to aid a woman whose car had collided with a pole. As they stood by the damaged vehicle, a suspected impaired driver struck them. Patrick, in a heroic act, pushed the woman out of harm’s way, likely saving her life.

Ronald revealed that his father, amidst the chaos, had made multiple calls to 911 while waiting for help, a testament to his unwavering compassion. “He didn’t just drive by; he stopped to offer assistance,” Ronald expressed.

Patrick and the woman were rushed to the hospital with severe injuries, but Patrick succumbed to his injuries in a Victoria hospital days later.

Reflecting on his father’s final moments, Ronald shared how Patrick had only been on the island for a short time, eager to enjoy his annual vacation in Parksville. He cherished simple pleasures like popcorn, browsing farmers markets, relishing brisket, indulging in books, and observing the ebb and flow of the tides.

Family held a special place in Patrick’s heart, having experienced profound loss himself at a young age. His sudden departure has left a void, particularly felt by his grandchildren.

The loss is profoundly felt by Patrick’s circle of friends and family, who struggle to comprehend the senselessness of his passing. However, amidst the sorrow, they find solace in remembering Patrick as a devoted family man whose final act exemplified heroism and selflessness.

“Even in his final moments, he prioritized others, risking his own safety to save someone else,” Ronald mused.

Photo credit: Ronald Hare