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about doyle glassI was born in Midland, Texas, the fifth generation of a pioneer West Texas ranching family. I was raised with a great appreciation for the hard work, grit and sense of adventure and honor needed to settle a hard scrabble, wide-open land. True stories of life and death in the face of overwhelming odds fascinated me from an early age. Along with that fascination, I developed a lifelong passion for writing and art.

The road I’ve traveled to become an historian, artist and published author has been an adventure in itself. I attended SMU in Dallas, earning degrees in history and law. After law school, I worked as an assistant district attorney in Texas, and later as an assistant attorney general in Kentucky, prosecuting the worst violent crimes. In 2000, I turned to the arts to honor and tell the story of those heroes that thrilled me when I was young.

It was then that I conceived of and sculpted the Kentucky Medal of Honor Memorial, a bronze statue of John Squires, a Kentucky recipient of the Medal of Honor in WWII. The statue stands in downtown Louisville and is a perpetual reminder of the sacrifices of heroes from Kentucky who have fought and often died for our freedom.

Always seeking new and different outlets for my creative energies, my upcoming book, Benoist’s War, combines creative storytelling with historical fact.

In 2008, I designed and sculpted the Texas Medal of Honor Memorial, a statue of Midland native George O’Brien, who earned the Medal of Honor during the Korean War. This memorial, soon to be featured in the Texas Medal of Honor Museum in Gainesville, stands as a symbol of all Texans who have earned our nation’s highest award for combat valor.

In 2007, inspired by the Stephen Ambrose book and HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, I wrote Lions of Medina, a book that tells the firsthand account and sacrifice of a company of Marines in the Vietnam War. It was first published by Coleche Press, and subsequently published by NAL Caliber Penguin in 2008.

My second book, Swift Sword, was published in 2014. It chronicles the gut-wrenching story of a group of valiant Marines who endured horror in a firefight on a lone knoll in the Que Son Valley during the Vietnam War.

Benoist’s War tells of the life of Robert Benoist, a French Grand Prix World champion in the 1920s and of Le Mans in the 30s, who became a secret agent and saboteur for the British in Nazi occupied France during WWII. A work of narrative nonfiction, I write from the point of view of Benoist, placing the reader in the spine-tingling skin of a man who risked everything to rid his country of the Nazi menace.

In 2015, I returned to Texas and now reside in Dallas. My greatest pride is being a loving husband to my wife Somer and father to son Jake and daughters Atty and Myra Lee.

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In addition, you’ll gain immediate access to  John Squires-The Valor of Youth, the first of seven stories of courage and heroism from my upcoming e-book, Valor Under Fire. In this compelling e-book, you’ll experience the thrill of history through the eyes of seven courageous heroes who displayed uncommon valor in the face of imminent peril.

Once you download  John Squires-The Valor of Youth, you will receive the remaining six stories periodically.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. It’s a ride that I love to take and I hope that you will too.


Doyle Glass

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