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Doyle Glass authorDoyle Glass (born January 22, 1962) is an American historical novelist and sculptor. He is best known for his bestselling nonfiction books Lions of Medina (2007), Swift Sword (new edition 2023) and for sculpting the Texas Medal of Honor Memorial (2008) and the Kentucky Medal of Honor Memorial (2001). Glass began writing and sculpting following a career as a criminal prosecutor in Texas and Kentucky.

His first book, Lions of Medina, gives a firsthand account of the sacrifices made by the Marines of Charlie Company during Vietnam.

His second book, Swift Sword, chronicles the gut-wrenching story of valiant Marines in Vietnam who endured a horrific firefight isolated on a lone knoll in the Queson Valley.

Coming in 2025, Unthrottled: The Story of Robert Benoist will reveal the harrowing story of Robert Benoist, a famous French Grand Prix World champion in the 1920s and Le Mans race winner in the 1930s, who risked everything as a British secret agent to help rid France of the Nazi occupation during WWII.

Doyle Glass doesn’t merely share compelling stories of harrowing adventure; he pulls you into them, allowing you to feel as if you are walking inside some of history’s most impactful moments.

Doyle Glass was born in Midland, Texas among the fifth generation of a pioneer ranching family who was raised with an appreciation for hard work, adventure, and honor. After earning degrees in history and law from Southern Methodist University, he completed law school and worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Texas. Later, he served as Assistant Attorney General in Kentucky, prosecuting some of the worst violent crimes in the state.

In 2000, Glass turned to the arts as a way to tell stories of his childhood heroes. He conceived and sculpted a bronze statue of John Squires, who braved enemy fire to save others during WWII and received the Medal of Honor. The statue stands in The Kentucky Medal of Honor Memorial in downtown Louisville, Kentucky as a reminder of the sacrifices made by local citizens who fought and died for freedom.

In 2008, Glass designed and sculpted the Texas Medal of Honor Memorial, dedicated to George O’Brien who earned the Medal of Honor during the Korean War. The memorial stands at the International Artillery Museum in Saint Jo, Texas as a symbol recognizing those who earned America’s highest award for combat valor.

Besides writing and sculpting, Glass’ greatest pride is being a loving husband and father to his wife and three children where they reside in Dallas, Texas.

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