Interview Doyle Glass

Historian, Author, Storyteller

Doyle Glass engages audiences with his extensive insights into the lives of courageous men and women who have helped make our world a better place.

Some of these heroes are historic, household names. Others are everyday souls. What they have in common is, when the stakes were at the highest, the valor they have shown in the face of great peril.

What makes Doyle Glass’ accounts of heroism so fascinating is how he pulls audiences inside the stories he’s telling.

Your readers and listeners will feel the tension of walking beside, and at times inside the skin of historic figures who responded gallantly in the face of jaw-dropping peril.

Doyle Glass is the author of two books about courage during the Vietnam War, Lions of Medina (2008), and Swift Sword (2014).

He is also the author of the upcoming narrative nonfiction thriller, Unthrottled: The Story of Robert Benoist, which is based on the life of Robert Benoist.

Benoist was a French Grand Prix racing champion in the 1920s and of Le Mans 30s, who became a secret agent and saboteur in Nazi occupied France for the British Special Operations Executive during WWII.

Combining factual history with the feel and pacing of a spy novel, Doyle literally places you inside Benoist’s heart and mind as he risks everything to rid France of the Nazi menace.

Doyle Glass holds a life-long admiration for real-life heroes who acted
with great courage under life-threatening circumstances.

If your audience is stimulated by exceptional storytelling and thrilling accounts of heroic wartime
acts of bravery, then they’d thoroughly enjoy listening to your conversation with Doyle Glass. 
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