Doyle Glass-
Honoring Our Heroes

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Books by Doyle Glass

Doyle’s passion for sharing stories of gripping heroism can be found in his first book, Lions of Medina (Penguin, 2008), which relates a heart-rending account of valor, sacrifice, and suspense in the remote Hai Lang forest of South Vietnam.


His second work, Swift Sword (2014), is a chronicle of valiant brotherhood as a company of Marines fight for survival on a lone outpost in Vietnam’s Que Son Valley. 


In his upcoming book, Doyle goes even further. Benoist’s War will tell the true story of the French resistance through the eyes of a risk taking, honor-bound secret agent and saboteur who fights to free his homeland of the Nazi menace during WWII.


Doyle Glass doesn’t merely share compelling stories of harrowing adventure; he pulls you into them, allowing you to feel as if you are walking inside some of history’s most impactful moments.

Writer. Sculptor. Historian.

Bringing History to Life